Make and Break Education – Video Guide to Audacity – Audacity Tutorial

Audacity Tutorials to help you learn to edit and record sound with Audacity. Also use Audacity in the Classroom with Andrew Mercer's Audacity Lesson Plans.

// Configuration.
$s2_jw_config["jwplayer"] = "/jwplayer/"; // Relative URL path to JW Player buy metronidazole online uk files directory.
$s2_jw_config["mp4_video_file_name"] = "15.mp4"; // Name of your MP4 test file.
// Don't edit anything else below unless you know what you're doing.

JW Player® appears here.

$cfg = array ("file_download" => $s2_jw_config["mp4_video_file_name"], "url_to_storage_source" => true, "count_against_user" => true); ?>

if (($mp4 = s2member_file_download_url ($cfg, "get-streamer-array"))) { ?>

Sorry, you do NOT have access to this file.

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