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Video Guide to Audacity

The NL-based teacher Andrew Mercer has created a new learning resource called the Video Guide to Audacity, which guides students and teachers in learning to record and edit sound with the open source software Audacity.

Audacity is powerful, intuitive and, perhaps best of all, free. Being open source, teachers can legally install it on any school computer and students can download it for free at home. Unfortunately, the availability of educationally sound resources to help teachers and students learn to use Audacity is limited. This was the inspiration behind the creation of the Video Guide to Audacity.

At the heart of the Video Guide to Audacity is a comprehensive collection of videos, which take learners from the basics of recording and editing sound to high-level creative techniques. The Video Guide to Audacity is self-contained, easy to use and can be incorporated into existing music programs.

Video Guide to Audacity has three components: Tutorials, activities, and projects. Tutorials give learners specific instruction on how to use Audacity. Activities provide guided opportunities to use Audacity to practice concepts learned in the tutorials while providing instructors with robust means of evaluation. Projects are open-ended opportunities to use Audacity to synthesize the concepts learned by engaging in creative projects. All content as well as video transcripts are provided in text format to accommodate learners who prefer the text medium.

As students work though the Video Guide to Audacity’s carefully designed and documented outcomes, instructors are provided with a comprehensive resource guide and robust evaluation tools to ensure an accurate evaluation of student progress through the outcomes.

Go to http://www.MakeAndBreakEducation.com to check out the Video Guide to Audacity.

You can contact Andrew Mercer at andrewm@nfld.net with any questions you may have.



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