Audacity Remove Noise

Audacity Remove NoiseAudacity Remove Noise

In this short Audacity tutorial you will learn the basics of how to do the Audacity Remove Noise audio editing technique.

If you are new to Audacity or you are looking for help with some advanced recording and editing tricks then I recommend you get the Video Guide to Audacity. There are many great things to learn in there.

There are quite a few things that can cause background noises or 'hiss' in your audio, such as bad microphone cables, a guitar pickup, unbalanced lines, analogue tape recordings, or noisy components. In order to get a nice clean sounding recording we need to eliminate  with these unwanted noises.

free recording softwareBefore I get into Audacity remove noise and celebrate, I will make a more important point. Try to avoid background noises in the first place. This sounds simple, because in most cases it is simple. Do some test recordings of your sound equipment before you start your recording for real. You will notice any background noise you need to remove before you are stuck with it on your final recordings. Here is a little check-list to help you remove some background noise before it happens:

1. Check your recording levels to make sure you have a nice strong signal. If you are not sure how to do this, the Video Guide to Audacity as a great tutorial on that.

2. Get close enough to your microphone so you can get a strong signal and reduce background noise. Here is great video on how to improve your vocal recording.

3. Check all your cables and gear to make that they are not the source of background noises. (video on microphone hum)

4. If you have a background noise causing pot or jack on an instrument or amp fix it while you can.

5. Turn off any background noise causing lights or appliances in your home studio.

Add some of your own ideas to this check-list to help you find and remove background noise before it gets on your recordings.

Now, let's get going on Audacity remove noise and get ready to celebrate 🙂

The way the Audacity remove noise function works is Audacity analyzes a small buy metronidazole superdrug piece of the actual background noise, isolates it, creates a noise profile and removes that noise profile from the recording.

Now let's try and remove background noise with Audacity:

Step 1 - Use your SELECTION tool audacity selection tool to select a portion of the recording which has ONLY the background noise in it. In other words as section when you are not playing or singing - only background noise. If you don't know how to use the selection tool the Video Guide to Audacity has a great tutorial on that.

audacity remove noise 2Step 2 - Go to the Audacity EFFECT menu and choose NOISE REMOVAL.

Step 3 - Click on GET NOISE PROFILE. Audacity will analyze the background noise in order to remove it.

Step 4 - There are some settings in the NOISE REMOVAL window. Try using the default settings first and see the results. I suggest you play with these settings gently to find what works best for you. There is no 'perfect setting,' so experiment a little and you will get great results.

Step 5 - Click OK

Audacity will analyze your entire recording and remove the background noise based on the noise profile Audacity has created.


- If you are making a recording and you suspect that you are going to have some background noise that you will need to remove create a section of the recording that you can use for making your noise profile.

- When you do an Audacity remove noise function it does effect the sound of your recording. So be ready for that.

- If you are doing multitrack recording try to do Audacity remove noise function on individual tracks instead of on entire mixes. Some tracks may not need noise removal and you are altering the sound of those audio tracks when you may not need to.

From now on you can open Audacity remove noise and celebrate with confidence 🙂 I hope this Audacity tutorial helps you. If you need more help with Audacity please check out the Video Guide to Audacity.

Also you can check out Audacity Combine Tracks and Audacity Convert Stereo to Mono Audacity tutorials.

Good luck,

by Andrew Mercer

Andrew Mercer

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