Audacity Swiss Army Knife

Audacity is a great Multi-Tool - Always have it in your pocket.

Growing up in rural Newfoundland my pocket knife never left my pocket. There was always a need for a blade, screwdriver, or toothpick 😉 In my studio Audacity is my sound Swiss Army knife.

audacity multi tool

Audacity gives me many basic tools that are easy to use. Having buy flagyl 400 mg online these tools at my side as I work on sound is very convenient. Although other audio editing software like, ProTools and Cubase does everything that Audacity does I find going back to Audacity more convenient.

So never get caught in the field without Audacity in your pocket 🙂

- Andrew Mercer


Andrew’s YouTube Channel for Violin Lessons

violin music lessons tutorial

I recently started a new YouTube channel focused on providing violin lessons. I have been creating video violin tutorials to help new players with their violin playing. This is a lot of fun and hope it is helpful for you.

You can find the channel metronidazole 400 mg buy online here -

Have a look at the violin lessons in my channel and let me know if you have any suggestions for new tutorials.


Andrew Mercer

Multi Track Rondo Form

Multitrack Rondo Form

Video Guide to Audacity provides an excellent medium for exploring musical form, such as rondo form. In this strategy students will rearrange three prerecorded themes to create rondo form.

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Audacity Export MP3 – Audacity Tutorial

Audacity Export MP3

audacity export mp3Learning how to do an Audacity Export MP3 or WAV file is very easy. This Audacity tutorial explains how do an Audacity Export MP3 function.

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Audacity Combine Tracks

Audacity Combine Tracks

As you record and edit audio with Audacity combine tracks will be a editing technique you may need from time to time. You can use this when you have two separate audio tracks in one Audacity file and you want to combine tracks together. The Audacity Mix and Render function will help us combine tracks. Let's learn to do Audacity combine tracks...

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Audacity Convert Stereo to Mono – Audacity Tutorial

Audacity Convert Stereo to Mono

Audacity is a great free sound recorder and editor. Audacity convert stereo to mono is a simple little audio editing technique that is good to learn. You never know when you will have a stereo audio file which you will want to chat to mono - Audacity makes it easy.

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Canadian Music Educator Journal and Video Guide to Audacity

The Summer-2013 issue of the Canadian Music Educator featured a piece on the Video Guide to Audacity. It is an honor to have the guide featured in such a prestigious journal.cmea

The following is the article from the Canadian Music Educator, Volume 54 - Number 4, Summer 2013, Page 44-45.

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