Audacity Merge Tracks

Audacity Merge Tracks

How to combine tracks within Audacity is a very common question and a good skill to have. When using “Audacity merge tracks” can be done a few different ways and depending on what your needs are a certain type of merge may be better for you.I will give you a quick Audacity tutorial on three different ways to do an Audacity merge tracks process.

First of all, let’s assume that you have two tracks of sound open in an Audacity project. Save your Audacity project first in case we mess something up. If you need to make any changes to your tracks, such as amplify, reverb, change pitch and change tempo be sure to do it before you merge your tracks with Audacity. It will be much more difficult to make these changes after you have merged tracks.

Audacity Merge Tracks

Audacity Merge Tracks

Audacity Merge Tracks 1: Merge two mono tracks into one stereo track.

- Go to EDIT ->SELECT -> ALL

- On the left tab of either track click the pull-down menu


Track one will be you RIGHT CHANNEL and track two will be your LEFT CHANNEL

Audacity Merge Tracks Stereo

Audacity Merge Tracks Stereo

Audacity Merge Tracks 2: Two mono tracks into one mono track.

- Go to the EDIT ->SELECT -> ALL


This will combine both tracks into one mono track.

Audacity Merge Tracks Mix & Render

Audacity Merge Tracks Mix & Render

Audacity Merge Tracks 3: Export an audio file

Whenever you export a project to a format, such as a WAV or MP3 file, Audacity will merge the tracks together into either a stereo or mono file, depending on what you have selected in your preferences.

- Go to FILE -> EXPORT, choose your file format and fill in the other basic details and click SAVE. There is an excellent Audacity video tutorial on how to Export in the Video Guide to Audacity.

This will produce an audio file (WAV, MP3, etc.) which will be a merge of your tracks.

Audacity Merge Tracks Export

Audacity Merge Tracks Export

I did not get into how to use Audacity to merge stereo tracks, but if you play with the directions I have given you here you will see that it is straightforward as well.

I like to save a version of my Audacity projects before I merge. This way I can always go back if I do not like the changes I make.

Audacity Merge Tracks on Andrew Mercer’s YouTube Channel

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